The Ultimate Skin Care Hamper


This is the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one. This luxurious package is the perfect treat to your skin. This hamper contains our Seaweed Foot Bath, Organic Seaweed Skincare, Seaweed Face Mask,Organic Exfoliating Lemon Grass Soap & Hand glove and 2 applicators for the ultimate skin treatment.

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This is the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one. This luxurious package is the perfect treat to your skin.

Seaweed Footbath

Our Fucus Serratus is hand harvested from the pristine Atlantic waters off the Connemara coast. As with all our seaweeds we ensure that it is sustainably harvested as we only trim the upper part of the plant allowing the bottom half to regenerate.

Fucus Serratus is a seaweed often used in seaweed baths as it is full of nutrients that help to strengthen hair and protect and revitalise the skin helping against signs of ageing, cellulite and eczema. it contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and forms a barrier on the skin, helping to retain moisture.

Packed full off nutritious goodness Fucus Serratus is rich in calcium, iron, iodine and potassium. It contains moderate amounts of phosphorus, magnese and zinc and small amounts of vitamins A, C, E and G. The tooth wrack can be used as a stimulant for the thyroid gland as the high iodine content helps to regulate thyroid function. As the thyroid regulates the body’s metabolism Fucus Serratus may be a useful tool to aid weight loss and to increase energy levels.


Organic Seaweed Skincare with Geranium Essential Oils

Our new Organic Seaweed skincare is suitable for face and body and can be used daily. This natural organic moisturiser is packed full of amazing ingredients such as hand harvested organic seaweed , beeswax , coconut oil, and Grape seed oil which provides instant soothing and nourishment for your skin improving skin suppleness and elasticity. It will help your skin look more radiant and help with dullness due to every day stress and environmental factors.
Seaweed Face Mask with Serratus Seaweed

100% Organic and Vegan

Our new Seaweed Face Mask is a highly versatile product that can be used as a Face Mask, Bath Soak, or Exfoliator. You can add Epsom salts and Himalayan Rock Salt giving you a detoxifying Bath Soak, add Oil or Gel giving you an Exfoliator that will help get rid of Dead and Dry Skin.

The Beauty Benefits of Seaweed Powder

  • Detoxifies (Pulls out toxins from Skin).
  • Highly Hydrating (Seaweed Nourishes your Skin leaving your Face and Body Glowing.

*     Seaweed is full of Vitamins and Minerals such as Vitamin C which boosts Collagen production fantastic for Skin  Elasticity

  • Potassium which is needed for Body Hydration including the Skin.
  • Iron which is great for Circulation of Blood and Boosts Hair Growth.
  • Niacin fades Scars and helps Brighten the Skin.
  • Choline helps reduce Oily Skin which will help conditions such as Acne.
  • Soothes Skin irritation such as Eczema and speeds up Cell Regeneration and Healing of Wounds and Scars.
  • Anti Ageing by helping Revitaise Mature Skin.

Fucus Serratus Seaweed contains natural anti – aging properties. It naturally improves the signs of aging by toning , moisturising and stimulating skin cells.

This hamper also includes a hand glove and 2 applicators.

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