Seaweed Powder 200 g


Seaweed Powder is a Must for people of All ages who suffer with Dry Flaking Skin , Eczema or Any other Dry Skin Complaint.

Here at Connemara Seaweed Company we take Great pride in our Hand Harvested Seaweeds giving only the Highest Quality Seaweed.

This Seaweed Powder  has Multiple uses , It can be used as a Bath Soak , Foot Soak , Body Scrub , Face Mask , Lip Exfoliator or Can be made into a Paste and Applied to Dry Flaking Patches of Skin.

We give recipes for Sensitive Skin Face Mask and Body Scrub on the back of the label.For a Fabulous Lip Exfoliator melt a little Coconut Oil add some Seaweed Powder , just let it set , it is that simple. This can also be applied to Cold Sores.

At 15 euro a tub this Seaweed Powder is a Steal.

We can also supply this in wholesale or in glass jars.