Seaweed Face Mask With Fucas Serratus 50g


Our Luxury Velvet Organic Seaweed Face Mask will leave your skin feeling Rejuvenated , Glowing , Radiant ,and Fresh with a Silky Smooth finish due to its natural healing and beneficial Super Ingredients.

This Face Mask is Suitable for all Skin Types and works really well on Sensitive Skin when mixed with Rose Water and Honey.

This Face Mask is Very Versatile and can be customised to suit your own Skin Type.

Our Seaweed is Hand Harvested of the Pristine Waters Of Connemara Coastline giving you in return of one the most purest products for your skin.

Why Not Give your Skin this Luxurious Treat and help your skin heal due to every day troubles such as Central heating , Stress and Weather Climate



Ingredients 100% Fucus Serratus