Health benefits of adding Seaweed into your diet
Seaweeds offer a wide range of therapeutic possibilities both internally and externally. So much so, that carrageenans have been patented as antiviral agents.  Take Carrageen Moss for ...
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Sea Dog
        Meet Ollie The Connemara Seaweed Dog. As you can see from Our Sales Rep he loves nothing more than eating , rolling and ...
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Festive Treats for Christmas
5 Festive Foods for Christmas
It’s easy to get off track from our nutritional habits at festive times like Christmas especially when we have family or friends around and we are eating ...
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Vegetable Stock
Here is my easy recipe for a natural vegetarian stock. Instead of putting your vegetable peelings or vegetables that are starting to go soft in the compost ...
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Chocolate Carrageen Mousse
Hi, I am Margaret from Connemara Organic Seaweed Company Limited and this is my first ever blog post. I do hope you enjoy it! My aim for ...
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