5 Festive Foods for Christmas

Festive Treats for Christmas

5 Festive Foods for Christmas

It’s easy to get off track from our nutritional habits at festive times like Christmas especially when we have family or friends around and we are eating at different times of the day to normal.

Well, it is not all bad and we have put together some tasty foods you can easily add to your daily routine to avoid going off track too much.    We also like to show you how nutritious food can be easy to make and, more importantly, how tasty it can be!

Using Seaweed eliminates the need to use salt, gives endless nutritional benefits, keeps your gut healthy, supports our thyroid and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Our first recipe is a breakfast one.

Boiled Eggs served with Avocado and Sourdough.     

You can mash an avocado and serve on sourdough, I prefer it toasted for this recipe.    We have also added our Seaweed Seasoning which gives lots of nutrition to this simple breakfast, with our Seasoning you are getting Dillisk, Sweet Kelp and Kombu in equal amounts.    You will be left feel sustained and nutritionally satisfied until lunchtime!

Boiled Eggs with seaweed seasoning


Our next recipe is another that can either be consumed for breakfast or as a tasty midday snack.

It is our very popular A Taste of the Sea Smoothie.

You can get the full recipe here    This is a filling smoothie, the mint and cucumber add freshness to this smoothie while the added spinach gives it extra nutritional value and the ginger supports good digestion.

Taste of the Sea Smoothie


Another tasty breakfast or snack is this easy to make Millet Flake mix.

You simply mix millet flakes, blueberries, brown rice flakes, porridge oats, goji berries, almonds, cashews and toasted sweet kelp.  The toasted Sweet Kelp really lifts this dish to another level.   I like this served with plant milk but cows milk is good also.

Millet Flake Mix

The next recipe is simply delicious and also very tasty!

Roasted Butternut Squash with organic garlic and red onion. 

Cut the butternut squash in half, add a knob of butter to each half and season with our Seaweed Seasoning.   Add garlic and red onion to the baking tray.  Using our Seasoning eliminates the need to use salt which in turn keeps sodium levels to a minimum.   Bake in the oven until soft.   Scoop out the flesh when ready to eat.

Roasted Butternut Squash


Roasted vegetables with Dillisk and Seaweed Seasoning.  

Roast whatever vegetables you have to hand.    Suggestions are celery, tomato, parsnip, carrots, sweet potato, green peppers, sweet corn, garlic, leek and beetroot.

Sprinkle with chopped Dillisk and Seaweed Seasoning adding extra Dillisk to this recipe gives the unique umami flavour. We have used Kombu infused oil to drizzle over veggies before cooking.  Bake in a moderate oven until the vegetables are cooked with a little bite to them.

Roasted Vegetables

We hope you enjoy our recipes.    If you want to get a free eBook with lots more recipes please subscribe to our mailing list.